Andaman & Nicobars


Discover paradise in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where pristine beauty awaits. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island, explore the tranquil landscapes of Neil Island, and uncover the rich cultural tapestry of this tropical haven. With snorkeling adventures, breathtaking sunsets, and serene beaches, this tour promises an unforgettable escape into the enchanting Andaman archipelago.

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“Island Odyssey: Andaman, Havelock, and Neil Discovery”


Embark on an enchanting odyssey through the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, exploring the paradisiacal realms of Havelock and Neil Islands. This meticulously curated tour package promises an immersive experience into the pristine beauty and diverse offerings of these tropical havens.

Andaman Archipelago Wonders: Begin your journey in Port Blair, the gateway to these stunning islands. Dive into history at the Cellular Jail and witness the stirring saga of India’s struggle for freedom through a captivating light and sound show.

Havelock Island Bliss: Sail to Havelock Island, where azure waters caress the powdery white shores of Radhanagar Beach. Engage in thrilling water sports, snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs, or simply unwind on this acclaimed beach voted as one of Asia’s best.

Neil Island Serenity: Discover the tranquil allure of Neil Island, a haven of tranquility known for its laid-back vibe and breathtaking natural beauty. Walk through lush paddy fields, visit the secluded beaches of Bharatpur and Laxmanpur, and revel in the pristine landscapes.

Marine Marvels & Adventure: Indulge in underwater adventures with snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions around these islands, encountering mesmerizing coral gardens and a kaleidoscope of marine life.

Local Culture & Cuisine: Immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of the islands, interact with locals, and savor delicious seafood delicacies and authentic island cuisine influenced by the diverse heritage of the region.

Sunset Splendor & Nature Trails: Witness stunning sunsets at iconic viewpoints like Chidiya Tapu or stroll through the lush greenery of Neil Island, absorbing the tranquility and natural beauty that defines these landscapes.

This Andaman, Havelock, and Neil Island tour package is crafted to provide a harmonious blend of adventure, relaxation, exploration, and cultural immersion, promising a memorable escapade into the breathtaking wonders of these Indian Ocean jewels.

This package aims to offer a comprehensive exploration of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands while highlighting the unique charms and experiences specific to Havelock and Neil Islands.


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